Fundacja Tytano


City within a city – iconic complex in the very heart of the city center at Dolnych Młynów 10 Street is an absolute must on the cultural map of Krakow. This is a popular meeting place and factory of positive feelings.

This urban ecosystem of visions has been operating since spring 2016, gathering over 30 different kinds of businesses. This is an inspiring and full of breath space with 15 000 sqm intended for various creative works. The complex is a friendly place to artists and enthusiasts of culture, where creativity meets business and science.

There were over 250 events and cultural, artistic, music and social initiatives organized on the area of the complex over the last three years; concerts, workshops, meetings, discussions, shows, performances, exhibitions and interesting lifestyle initiatives.

This is also a place with history and the perfect example of successful revitalization of postindustrial development as “Cygarfabryka” used to be located on the area of today’s complex. Its atmosphere has been very evocatively described by Kornel Filipowicz in his book titled “Gołębia Street”:
“The neighborhood has been entertaining and busy, too: the nearby cigarette factory, popularly known as “cygarfabryka” among the inhabitants of Krakow, has been emanating the stuffy smell of tobacco”. This is a place where a Polish Carmen used to work at the end of the 19th century; beautiful Mańka, a love interest of Konstanty Krumłowski, a poet from Young Poland who had created the absolute blockbuster of that period “Queen of the Suburbs”. The performance was a great success; “the entire Krakow” has seen it, as they say, except for the heroine of this whole mess who had never reciprocated his feelings.
This place still inspires artists, sets new directions in culture and entertainment and constitutes a showcase of artistic Krakow.